From 8th January 2017 Sunday School will take on a different format and the children will be going on a 'Good News Adventure' downstairs.

They will be all together every week and we will start each session with games and songs and then a Bible story. They will then have a free choice of activities to do including discussion, puzzles and craft before coming back together for a prayer time.

The children will register at the beginning of each session and at the end of each service we would ask you to come down and collect your children from the group so we know that they are now back in your safe keeping.

Each month will have a theme and at the end of each month the children will come back upstairs at the end of the service to share some of the things they have been doing.

They will have the opportunity to earn buttons every week and once a half term we will have a Button Party on a Saturday where the children will be able to have fun together, invite friends and show you what they have been doing and spend their buttons.

There are many ways in which you can help:

  • talk to your children about what they have been doing every week

  • encourage them to complete the take home sheets (these will be worth buttons!)

  • come to the Button Party

  • most importantly please pray for the children and the leaders as we start this new adventure. We hope it will be a really exciting time as the children have fun together and learn more and more about Jesus and how much we loves each one of them.