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Here are a few projects that we have some level of involvement with, both Local and Overseas.

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Our overseas mission portfolio is centred on BMS World Mission, and specifically a Church Partnership aligned with Justice Ministry communicating Gods characteristic of justice and tackling the root causes of abuse, degradation, poverty, unfairness and exclusion.

Our prime partnered mission worker is Annet Ttendo a Ugandan lawyer working in Biera Mozambique since Jan 12 to establish a Christian Lawyers fraternity in partnership with the Mozambique Baptist Convention. Annet has alongside her Kathy Russell a UK solicitor with a background in practising law in both the UK and Australia, with previous experience teaching English and Law in China. Annets team address gender based violence in the community, including campaigning for self-worth to break the silence on sexual harassment in schools; educating teachers in the need to observe professional ethics to protect children from abuse, with training in child protection and the law.

Our trio of partnered mission workers is made up by Linda Darby the Kenyan wife of Tim Darby who with their two young children Joshua and Annabelle are based in Gulu Uganda, where Tims own professional qualifications in geology and water and environmental development, are also to the fore in sanitation and water improvement projects.

Linda works alongside the Ugandan Christian Lawyers Fraternity providing legal education to vulnerable people, addressing the issue of corruption and bribery which is endemic in many aspects of their work, bringing honourable Christian values into a generally dishonest system.
Following on from outreach amongst church communities in both Barcelona and Brussels Robin has experienced much change in his circumstances, having taken on a project engineering role in the dredging sector, moving to Antwerp, and transitioning to an affiliate missionary role with Christian Associates.

Robins new occupation finds him on a dredging vessel ( the Charlemagne) with responsibility for its general operations as it loads marine aggregate from the seabed, operating out of various ports. He is sharing a house in Antwerp with three others who speak good Flemish which he is attempting to come to terms with.

This move has brought him into contact with a Christian fellowship called St. Egideo which works with the homeless, elderly, and youth in need, and Robin has begun to deliver food by bicycle, meeting homeless people on the street and beginning new relationships, as well as joining with the team for Catholic mass.
Gillian has moved from her previous work in Pemba Mozambique for the ministry Arca de Esperanca, to White River in South Africa with Emmanuel Press which print several evangelistic tracts and discipleship courses for remote learning. Gillian is busy translating into Portuguese some of the tracts and the main courses, (all fourteen lessons), helped by an old friend Camica from her days in Mozambique.

Gillian has been exposed to the difficulties of working in South Africa, which have included theft of her cars wheels, and a lengthy postal strike which significantly disrupted their work.
Following training in the UK our very own Zoe James has joined a BMS Action Team in Jamaica working alongside the Jamaican Baptist Union in youth work, evangelism and other activities.

Pre Christmas, Zoe was located in Mandeville Jamaica helping with the Mandeville Baptist church general administration, youth choir, bible study, young person’s fellowship, youth group and women’s federation.

Zoes work also included helping at a basic school in Greanvale assisting in classes for 3-6 year olds, which was challenging as most of the children came from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Post Christmas the team moved to Montego Bay, and have immersed themselves in a variety of activities including school morning devotionals, recorder and dance lessons, and home visits to those no longer able to attend church. In addition they have assisted in feeding the homeless, visiting the infirmary, and one off visits such as that to a deaf school.

Sundays have been spent at different churches on the circuit, as well as assisting in the annual Jamaican Baptist Assembly, and all the team are much looking forward to performing the song Mighty to Save in early March, with Jess and Judith playing in the band, Lydia singing, and Zoe doing a dance with the girls she has been teaching.
Our annual donation to FEBA radio supports media and broadcasts to communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, reaching millions with the good news of Jesus Christ amongst people living in very remote and isolated places, thus hearing how their lives can be transformed by the power of God’s love. Their work in the Middle East is crucial in this current time of crisis, in which we pray for our God of mercy and justice to intervene.

FEBA recently celebrated 50 years of ministry in India, where their broadcasts have helped to educate and transform whole communities across this vast land, with radio ministry in the lives of street children in Kinshasa in Africa being yet another example of new opportunity for the life giving media which FEBA brings.
Our continued support for other overseas mission namely, Samaritans Purse (Shoe Box Appeal) Compassion, and Open Doors is provided under separate reports. From the various interaction with all of our supported mission organisations, a regular summary update will be communicated by means of the newsletter. Please continue to pray for our truly inspirational mission workers living in very different culturally and sensitive areas often at risk, and feel free to follow those (BMS) that provide profile updates on the website.