If you are new here then welcome. We hope that this website gives you a flavour of who we are and what we believe. It would be great to meet you, but in the meantime please feel free to look around. You may have lots of questions about coming to church, hopefully some of these are answered below, if not, please contact us.
What time does the service start?
10.30am, people start to gather about 10am and then the service finishes between 11.30 and 11.45 when we have tea or coffee.
What should I wear?
Some people do dress up smart, some people come in casual wear. The important thing is that you come, not what you wear.
Where can I park?
The church has a small car park, but there is a council run car park within walking distance (see a map here).
What is there for my children?
Please see our children and youth pages, but we provide Sunday groups where we value and encourage the spiritual development of all ages.
What if I want to make Saltash Baptist my home church?
Whether this is your first time to a church, or you are coming from another congregation, please fill out a welcome form available from just inside the front door and someone will get in touch.