Making me me

It’s another Sunday, I’ve been reading through the book of psalms and today it was the last three, 148, 149 and 150.

Three great psalms of praise to lift the spirits and remind ourselves about the greatness of God in creation. Look around, the Psalmist says, sing a new song … look upwards to the intricacies of the universe or perhaps downwards to wonder over the inhabitants of the dark ocean depths. Maybe it’s the grandeur of the cedar tree as it strikes me with awe or the tiny creatures that scurry around in the soil beneath my feet. That pinch of soil that is teeming with tiny dots of life.This is the greatness of God and it raises the call to praise that threads itself again and again through the verses of these psalms. And then there is me, given life and made in the image of God himself. Fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together in my mother’s womb as we are reminded in another psalm, Ps139. And here we are reminded we’re made to praise God for it all, to dance to the music of the harp and tambourine, to leap to the clash of symbols. Made to laugh and to share with one another as we worship in the place of God’s appointment. Made to rejoice in our Maker, exult in our King, for the Lord delights in his people. No wonder it all culminates in that great call to a pean of praise … ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!’
So there I was, my spirits raised and now back in my place of worship. A bit too old to dance with all my might before the Lord like David, or to leap to the guitar and drums! But still there I was swaying to the rhythm as we sang about elephants and worms, bees and an octopus, my hips wanting to do much more! Then finishing up with that reminder that Lord God created me, made me just the way he wanted me, made me unique, made each of us unique.So I’m glad and thankful that I am who I am and I can sing with real meaning, I’m so thankful Lord for making me me!

What a God we have, and what a creation he has provided for us to inhabit.

Shout it again … Praise the Lord!