Learning on my Chromebook

Caroline Bliss tells us that at 63 she is still learning and finding it fun

I have just recently purchased a Chromebook and I’m having fun. In home group bible study we have been studying the Bible Society Course about the books of the bible, along with the study we get some bible passages and questions to look at during the week if we want to! I have been enjoying this and doing study notes on my Chromebook inserting pictures and a wrap text next to picture.


Me with EVE at the eden project with no wrap text.. Haha! Of course our bible study starts in Genesis in the garden……

My Chromebook fits nicely on a lap tray so I can sit in my comfortable chair to use it and another big plus for me, I can plug in my computer mouse which I like…Today I watched the Live Sunday Service using zoom. So at 63yrs learning still can be fun..
I hope you like this little blog…written on my Chromebook of course!