The CAP Money Course

The first series of the CAP money course at Saltash Baptist Church has now finished. The group was small but discussion was lively. On first glance it may have appeared quite uniform- ladies of a certain age- but careful listening revealed that backgrounds and attitudes to money and finances varied significantly.


The first week was spent with discussion and video clips about attitudes to finance and how to start to build a budget. The homework was for each delegate to work out their personal to them budget, using either the free workbook or an on-line budget tool available through the CAP site.


In week two we looked at strategies to achieve a balanced budget, by increasing income or by decreasing outgoings and the need to build savings into the equation, for annual bills and unexpected expenditure.


During the final session we considered society’s attitude to the use of cards rather than cash. There was some interesting discussion especially about changes that have occurred due to the pandemic. We also learned about other debt services CAP offers and the chance for follow up was discussed.


Each course, of three sessions, follows broadly the same format but is tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group. The next course has been arranged for Tuesday evening 7.30, starting 25 January. To sign up logon to cap and search with your postcode under ‘money courses’

Places will be limited!


Many thanks to Ann and Janet for refreshments and to Scott for Tech support and bravely being the only man there!