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Children and Youth Ministry... the future

Saltash Baptist Church is reflecting on how it can minister to our Children and Young People in the coming years


Saltash Baptist Church has strived, for many years, to have a good Youth provision within the church. This has included paid Leaders and those training for Youth Work to help lead and facilitate the work. We have had youth groups which have been well used by the local community and these groups have also been involved in social action within the local area. This has included supporting local homeless projects and helping to make the church more eco aware. We have also had those young people who attend on a Sunday morning and are involved in the groups in the church and their own housegroup.

Alongside this we have volunteers who help with our Children’s ministry. This has not only included a Sunday morning group which has seen the numbers of children increase, but also our midweek Toddler group. The Toddler group and the Creche have a combined branding in order to link the two parts of this ministry together


However, as we emerge from the COVID pandemic and we reassess our ministry in this area, there is a recognition that we need to move from a programme based work to working far more relationally with the Children and Young People of this area. The importance of relationship is something that needs to be invested in and although we greatly appreciate the volunteers who have led us to this point, we are now in need of people whose focus is on these specific areas.

When creating relationships with young people, children or even parents we see the importance of people knowing who to turn to and making that clear in everything we do. Also with the increasing need for mental health support for our young people and children we would want to see someone who is able to grow this aspect of our provision.


We feel this role would be too much and too broad for one person therefore we would like to split it into two parts, a Youth Worker and a Children’s Worker. We use these terms knowing that both of these individuals would work not just exclusively with the individuals, but with families as well.

For our Youth this may take the form of mentoring and working with the local schools and other organisations so that we can help impact as many children and young people as possible.

For our Children this may look like schools work and working with families to enable them in their own faith journey

The Church believes it would need to spend £18,053.54 a year in total for both roles. Both the Children’s worker and Youth Worker would be Term Time only posts. The Youth work would be 18 hours and the Children’s worker would be 16 hours per week. The disparity in the hourly rate would recognise the professional qualifications that a Youth Worker will bring.

The Church currently spends £10,660 a year on a Youth Worker and therefore we are seeking funding for £7,800 a year for 3 years. This means that out of a total package of £55,380, which will be the minimum the Church will spend on this work over the next three years, we are looking for a grant of £23,400 over three years. We also would welcome any individuals who feel they could financially support this role as well to speak to us as well.

Please pray for us as we seek to serve the children and young people of our church community and wider community.

If you believe you can help with seeking funding or would like to give directly for this work, please contact our treasurer by