He Has Been Faithful!

Benjamin Francis

BMS World Mission February 2024

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The Lord has given us great opportunities to share the Gospel and see people being touched by the power of the Lord which has transformed their lives, their families and their coming generations for the Lord. We praise God that thousands of people have been reached through our different outreach events such as medical camps, the Jesus films, bible distribution, personal testimonies etc. and the response of people have been absolutely outstanding with new groups starting and people trained to become disciple makers.

In the month of February we held our Biglife Asia Summit in Kolkata where all of our leaders across the nation and our international guests gathered together to look back and celebrate together all the marvellous works that theLord has done. It was a wonderful time of praise and worship and looking back to all the great achievements accomplished last year. Through all the trials and challenges faced, we praise God that we have been able to reach over and above what we had expected.

It was also time taken to plan our vision and faith goals for the year of 2024. The highlight of the Summit was when everyone got together to pray for each other’s region for a mighty move of God in the most darkest and dangerous areas.

Abigail, our daughter is doing well in College and has started a new semester. She continues to find time to invest in her college friends and conduct DM from time to
time. She still works with the young people here in India and does meetings with them online.

Gillian continues to invest in the lives of the women by training and raising up women leaders in the Disciple Making Movement. There was a recent online training done for Disciple Makers and many of the women present were greatly blessed and are also being challenged to make disciples.

Benjamin recently returned from a trip to Dimapur Assam training and equipping new leaders in the Disciple Making Movement. Many were blessed and also challenged to multiply their home groups and target new places where
the Gospel has never been preached.

The Jesus Film project continues to transform lives. A story of deliverance from Orissa:

Dasarath Nayak, 39 years old, grew up in a traditional non-Christian family in the village of Badimunda, located in the district of Kandhamal. In the past, he harbored feelings of jealousy, cruelty, and hatred towards the followers of Christ in his village. His intention was to eliminate Christianity from his community. During the persecution in 2008 in Kandhamal, he led a group that set fire to Christian homes.Unfortunately, a few years later, his wife fell ill with a serious condition involving excessive bleeding. Despite his best efforts and spending all his resources on her medical treatment, he couldn’t save her. She passed away, leaving behind their two small children. Since 2018, these kids have been without their mother. Dasarath, who had already lost his parents during his childhood, now faced the added challenge of caring for his two children alone. With no one to look after the kids, he felt constantly worried about their safety. Unable to leave his children alone, he couldn’t go out to work and struggled to provide for their needs. Having lost the land he once owned due to his wife’s illness, Dasarath relied on daily wages, facing numerous difficulties. To make matters worse, he eventually became paralyzed, with no one to care for him. Sometimes, compassionate villagers offered food, but there were times when Dasarath and his two kids went hungry.

Feeling completely hopeless and broken, Dasarath and his children even contemplated suicide, seeing no purpose in continuing such a challenging life. In their moment of despair, Pastor Babula visited their home with the intention of showing them a Jesus film. Watching the movie, especially the scene of the prodigal son, stirred deep emotions in Dasarath. Reflecting on his past sins against Christianity, he repented and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord. Now, with new found hope, Dasarath and his two children look to Jesus for strength and guidance.

Dasarath and his children

Our leaders of North 24 Parganas are doing an open air outreach and sharing the gospel with the people in a new village as a result of which people responded in prayer and received Bibles and gospel tracts. Follow up is being done at this village.

Inspite of the prevailing persecution and attacks that our leaders face regularly, however, day by day we are able to reach village after village with the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching souls through the Jesus film ministry. This has resulted in thousands of people being healed, both physically and spiritually and surrendering their lives to Christ!

Please Pray

  1. To reach 100,000 fellowships which are disciple making environments.
  2. To withstand persecution with faith and courage and yet committed to move forward.
  3. To distribute 200,000 thousand bibles to unreached people groups in India.
  4. To connect and catalyze movements among the unreached people groups.
  5. To reach 200 million people with the Gospel message.
  6. Targeting new villages through our entry strategy such as the Jesus Film, Medical camps and sports.

We are very thankful to BMS for your continued support and prayers which has been vital in seeing our people go forward despite all the challenges. We rejoice with you in what God is doing and we celebrate your partnership with us.

If you would like to support Benjamin Francis by prayer and committed regular giving, visit bmsworldmission.org/partners

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