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The Money Course is for you!

The aim of the Money Course is to help delegates to get the best from the money they have, no matter how much this is.

However, please note it is NOT financial advice!


The course runs over 3 sessions led by a money coach. They are held on a weekly basis and each session lasts up to 2 hours. However this can vary depending on the number of delegates and the amount of discussion generated. Sessions can also be arranged on a one-to-one basis at a time and place to suit.


The amount of personal and financial information shared is up to each delegate and it is always treated confidentially – what is shared on the course stays on the course.


Delegates from the course who uncover more serious debt problems can refer themselves to the Debt centre and clients from the Debt centre, who could benefit from money management skills, can attend a course.

Please use the button on the right to go to the CAP money website. Once you enter your postcode into the white box in the centre of the page you will see available courses.

If there are no up and coming courses shown and you would like to register your interest in attending please

to send an email to the course organiser